My Writings


I am not a tyrant, my promise is sweet. Man of my word, you can trust me. Here, take my hand. I have a story to tell. One that will enrich you, make you greater. That is what you long to be, is it not? Large, you will become. Vast. A pillar of enormity. I promise.

Hear me a second time. Grant passage. Allow me through. Let go. Forget.

Forgive. Build new armor. Change skins. Hide. The path is clear. The Great One has arrived. One Rune in the sky – Wunjo. Burn white-hot, love, come to me.

You are already here. But to make myself believe that you will stay – agony, hard to swallow. Water, please.

Strip me of everything, deprive me of your currents, but the river of clarity – never let it go dry. Sköll, I will chase your sun, if it threatens drought.

Walnut, young, and green. Sweet potential, besieged from all sides. I would go to war for you. But I need not. I am your home.


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My Writings

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My Writings

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