My Writings

Words of Humility and Admiration

Artwork: Calypso Noximera

I write so that I can, one day, take my rightful place beside my heroes. With the confidence that I have something of value to say, that I am worthy of being in their presence. I will shiver in the face of their grandeur, humbled, as is the natural state of my mind. How can one not find the strength to appreciate what others have done? How can one fail to be inspired by the greatness of others? How can one be myopic enough to only see their own self without paying tribute to those who have walked the Path with grace that is unfamiliar to the small man?

I do not envy the blessed among us. I admire those who have embraced their blessings, along with their burdens, and have given themselves to the world. Music, art, science, thecraft of the entrepreneur – I kneel before the mind defiant –the one that is able to produce visions of greatness and conquer the future. I appreciate those who chose to grow roots in a new tomorrow instead of withering like a plucked flower, as others do.

I see the world not as it is cursed to be today, but as it could be tomorrow. In me, a man who trembles at the thought of what is yet to be achieved was hatched from a seer of doom, a storm crow. If I ever slay my most bitter enemy – myself – I will look up to those who made my journey upward possible, and make my admiration known.

Admiration is not weakness. Appreciation is not submissiveness. One is not belittled by showing respect. Instead, one sheds the skin of a selfish fool to come closer to a vision of one’s fullest potential.

Magnanimity and nobleness are conditions of the mind, heart and soul, not of wealth. Instead, wealth is their natural consequence. If you wish to be admired, friend, carry your worth always with you, and display it in the way you carry yourself.

Lead by example. And you will be appreciated.

Recognize what others have achieved, and learn from them.

I admire the noble mind.

Let us come closer to this ideal.


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