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A final word before departing. To one who lives in the world, personal life and death are certain. Life cannot be held forever, so its high reward must be protected, nurtured, prayed for, fought for, welcomed, and treated as a guest.

Death is a great teacher. The frailty of man. Anything can be taken. Nothing is promised, in perpetuity.

Freedom from the tyranny of evil men. Liberty. A man who dreams the delirium of ego, the humor is at his expense.

Beware a shallow life. In a world of averages, average is a virtue. But shallow is a curse.

Today lasts Not. Grateful, for constant movement. Stasis is death. Decline is death. The Fall of Rome. The city of Constantine. Impermanence.

He is above destruction. He owns all. He is perfect, infallible. Burns, like a million suns, laughs like a mockingbird. There is life in Him.