My Writings


Concise, unclear, wordy – all clear. State of life, state of death, everything moves. Variable, what is static, Schrödinger’s truth.

Rambling man, homeless man, hungry man. None of us are orphaned. Bastardized world, we are not of you. Spoke to all souls – far and near. All recognize my tongue, разумеш?

Speak in riddles, figure of speech. Hidden truth. Wisdom of the runes.

Acquired logic, gained insanity.

Nothing can be said.

About that.

Wolf-Man. Split in half. Вълчанов.

Hunt larger prey.

Fair game.

Hunt yourself.


What a joke.

It all is.

Keep me from smiling.

Lest I ruin it all.


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My Writings

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My Writings

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