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The World at Your Feet

To see the world in vivid color. To see clearly. To know. To not let life remain a metaphor for change and movement, but to live it. To be animated by it. A girl grabbing you by the hand, pulling you into the raging dance. Stepping into the roaring river, hardly finding your balance, crossing it, firm land beneath your feet, the World at Your Feet.

Breathe, and slowly my words will come to you, invite you into my world. Sail up my secret rivers, to the source. Picture Reward, feel it, foretaste it. It will be yours. I will be the wind in your sails. I will make your skin shiver again. I will make you cry again.

Be curious. Your thought – stagnant, will spring again, clear as a mountain spring, nimble, and majestic – like a predator on the hunt. Your body – calcified, will twist and bend again, your heart will beat more confidently, stoking the forge of your being. You will sing more loudly, with fervour, and raise your hands to the sun.

Beneath the sun, the world will fall behind. You will move with great speed, you will seem mad in the eyes of men.

And, they will be right. Leave sanity to those who are willing to die, just to be born again. Leave normalcy to those who are willing to wait. To lay beside the road of life, dozing off sweetly in the shade. Tell me, do you have that time? Do you have so much time?

Not me.



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