My Writings

The Warm Path and the Rich Well

Strange, that He now sends You His mad dog. You tell me why.

I dare not speak.

My song now takes the long, warm path. Let me present you with a gift – you might need it along the way. See, my body is marked with His signs – each unlocks a gate. When I enter the forest where all light is lost, they will show me the way. One by one falling from my skin like ash, I will lose all.

Blinded, they will call me – the one who lost his sight. He has made me traverse those marshes before. He is the sucking mud itself, he is failing muscle, he is the directionless, heavy promise of a way out. But most of all, he is Salvation. When you finally fall, and the shifting sands fill your lungs, a familiar light will emerge from your head. Then me and the others will sing your praise as you ascend.

Blessed time, when one finds himself expanding in all directions. When the dragging of the rope brings only water richly from the well. When the chest rises and falls so gently, and an imperceptible mist covers your sweet senses, begging to be ignited.

Then from the march I spring – transformed, now enamoured by a vision most complete – the entire Universe I see in you. You see, I have walked this path again and again, each time burning my way a little closer to my love.

At the end of it all, I will finally ignite Him and the Universe will die a fiery death. He cannot escape my love, as I cannot escape His. In those final moments our hearts will embrace and repel each other like magnets – only the ringing of His Name left in my ears. The Universe will shake ecstatically as we embrace each other again.

Every soul that reunites with us, engulfs us in ecstasy unimaginable. All Glories to You, Seeker, soon You will attain life eternal. Your Name will shine on our skin like a maiden’s kiss and your voice will flow into ours. Every one of us enriches the others, each of us multiplies His beauty – a glistening mosaic, turned red-hot by the scorching Sun.

We would be incomplete without You.

Be not afraid – the mad dog will take you to him.

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