My Writings

The Venom

Endless horizons, space, expanding marvellously in all directions, limitless. Valleys of warmth and mountains of unmatched beauty. You offer yourselves to me freely, you rain on me, you come right into my arms. You whisper in my ear, longing to be wanted. You speak with a golden voice, seducing me. Your possibilities bicker for my attention – take my path, take my gift, I will give you.

From me, you shall receive. You will never want. Hear my sweet promise, I need only hear you say – yes. Say yes. Thus the paths before me sang, each outdoing the last, each grander in vision than the one before.

But I stood still, holding my breath. I must not want. If I want, that sweet song will end. Like a wild animal, trapped, I will grasp for my strength from the cage – placed just out of reach, to watch me strangle in my own web.

But I have been trapped before, I know where to look. I know the signs of this betrayal. I hear their whistling signals in the forest. Like a poisonous snake, hanging from a branch, I watch the future set that trap for me – from above.

The venom of my teeth will burn through your rope. How can you hang me on my own tree, the one whose fruit is poison to you and life to me?

I will watch you enter my forest.

I will not see you leave.


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