My Writings

The Seeker: Part II

Artwork: Antonia Avramova

The distance between you and me is infinite, but I see myself there with you. I only need to slow down and allow time to flow through me until I am stranded in that moment – with you.

My movement is incessant, my striving is endless, but I hold in my hands what is just out of reach. I already have it all. I gaze upon myself from all perspectives but one – and I see you.

My path is lost, hidden… and I blindly walk down that road, although I see the end of it. The path is meaningless… and yet it is everything.

In an instant I peek through the crevice and I see how close I am to you, I see how far I’ve come. It feels as if I have always been here, in a state of purposeful delusion… and I have just woken up from the illusion of the world.

Soon we’ll be together. In a cosmic sense my seeking will soon be over.

But I am just now learning to learn about you, about us.

Soon we will be one.

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