My Writings

The Promise of the Ego

Not black, but the deepest blue. Cold dance of the mind, washing against its very own shores, rising like a golden Pillar in the ocean, of determination. With the sword that splits “yes” and “no”, I chose a path, I made a decision. Thus I fulfilled the Promise of the Ego. From Nothing I grew into a Persona until I learned of what I was obscuring.

A circle of light.

Zacharya, I do not know you. But I have seen all there is to see and heard all there is to hear. And yet, I have never seen you, nor heard of you. It must be then, that you never existed. Some entity, separate from the All, some abstraction, a memory. And yet, I presided over your creation, growth, maturity, and, slowly, eventually, your dissolution.

I make people learn, I make people live, I make people sweat and cry, and love. And I make them forget. Truth erodes away, sunset follows sunrise, old age follows youth, life follows death, and the wheel spins anew.

You yourself will forget who you were, where you were going, and then – forget again.

I have arrived in a desolate place, bitter, cold. Time is stagnant here, life is worthless. Death after death, attrition, and yet!

It is here where Zacharya was born. Look for him in the brown roots of the earth, the stench – a land of screams unheard and orphaned days. And yet, furthest away from hope there rises the spire of character.

It is here where the monkey first danced. Defiant! Then all laughter was born from that single spark of joy.

Now joy and sorrow are equally meaningless, as empty as words in the wind.

Now, I know.


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