My Writings

The Key

I know the letters. Educated man. I can read and write. I recognize the words. Today I can say, I can tell you, I see a dome above my head. I see supreme stability – a pillar of upward action, holding the roof of the world. Thurs, a Giant. I will stay here.

Illusion, water, that bed is powerful, breeds pleasant dreams. A bed of snakes, the throne of a lord. Angst. Bathed in sweet night, chased by the Wild Hunt. The tower of Babel.

Lend me strength. Bring your ships. Sail my sea of rock. See yourself pulling them, across the land, hoping for the seed of rivers.

Then there is Faith. I am a Key, but of what lock? Locked away from Paradise. I wanted. Guiding star, I alone asked for the storm. Chose to be born. Brave or foolish, I ask, what is the difference? Leave me be. Staring at the End, I foretaste its peace.


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