My Writings

The Journey

You have led me here. Through the darkness of tomorrow, I could not see what lies ahead. But you know your ways, every path whispers your name. You are every soul I meet along the way and you are the Journey itself.

You are the water that blessed my face, embracing it firmly, in ice. Covered in dust from the tired climb, I could not recognize myself. But you showed me, once again, what lies beneath. And what lies beneath is warm, red, rich with life, a presence derived from Your Love – it seeks to burst through, and onto the surface. You have taken me by the hand and on a journey within – to see the power that I never thought existed. In a moment I hesitate, as the pain of yesterday lingers on, my gaze turns to the horizon not knowing if it would find Your blazing sun, or an empty void. But there you are – unexpected, and yet ever present.

That moment seemingly floats above ground, without support, but that is only an illusion. You infused every subtle, unconscious action with purpose – to take me here, to see me through this. That moment exists in vacuum, separated from the horrors of the world, the unspeakable brutality of man, the cruel elements, and the uncaring nature. A moment so perfect in its completion, simple and yet – unimaginably complex, a moment so beautiful that it can be worn like a pendant, unlike the leash of time.

Water cannot moist it. Fire cannot burn it. It remains untouched by the wind. Eyes fall on it and they ask, puzzled – what am I wearing? My nemesis, I tell them. I have torn that snake from my leg, and, see, I have it by the throat.

All I have to do now is sing praises to You and let gratitude flow into my actions. You have provided the rest, but a soul capable of appreciation is difficult to forge. Indeed, I have met my match in the fire of life. Indeed, I have met a bear that I cannot wrestle. Indeed, I walk less proudly.

But there is purpose to my pain.

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