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The Fool

Wait, my Friend. Stop. You know that once begun, a Journey must be completed. Once set in motion, a deed must be finished in its entirety. The path must be walked to its very end – that is your destination. The blank canvas is a challenge, not to be underestimated.

Even if you show others and they applaud you, you will know that your work is incomplete. Where did you fall off the narrowest of paths? Was it in the first dive? Was it in the infinite depth? Was it in the painful ascend? Or was it even further back – before it had even begun? Tell me, and I will know exactly who you are.

See that you are unprepared. Know it, feel it in your bones. There is no time to learn outside Time, there is no hidden path. Watching from the side is meaningless. You must do, you must be. How did you come to possess your great wisdom?

Wisdom is saying – I was a fool. I still am. No matter who I choose to be, I will always be a fool. I struck blind luck, do you remember, when I allowed myself to get lost, seeking only the guidance of the sun. I only had a direction and two feet to carry me. And a great, never-ending day, to explore the path in warmth and calm.

Why want to dictate, why break down the phrases of life into bastardized words? Why pretend to understand, why need to know?

Being a Fool is so much sweeter.

And terrifying.


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