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The Dark Descent

Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth flash before my eyes, faster, and faster. The kindling of the flame, the burning of the great fire, the black smoke and the smouldering coal – I live through them. I am the spark that first set my world aflame and I breathe to see that Great suffering through, to the end.

And how sweet the promise of the final struggle, knuckles turned white, and the shrugged shoulders, a head hammered, the heaving chest, and the bleeding heart – how sweet to hear the dead last screams of Kali Yuga… end, at last. And I know that I will get to see and live the Dark descent, when the last Great chapter closes, and I need not see light reborn to rise and feast.

I was not spared the bitter cup. It has made my face stone-cold, sculpted from the side of a mountain, and my eyes stare deeply, undisturbed, born of water. I have learned to live under the weight of the world. When all is taken away. Cold freedom. The taste of loss.

Reality is washed away, slowly. A part of me erodes, fading, a journey to the past – a land governed by foreign law. Some truth – forgotten, I cannot remember. Someone who I used to be – now dead. Nothing but smoke in the wind, obscuring the great Sun from view – only from a moment.

Then – Light.

Sweet Light. Bliss. I carry it around my neck. At times it is heavily distant, unreachable, impossible. Then I taste and I say: “Ah! That is what I was after.”

I know the Bliss to be real.

One day

even I

will reach it.


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