My Writings

The Conqueror and the Conquered

Artwork: Antonia Avramova

Your face is a mirror. Before anything else, I firstly see myself. I watch myself from a distance – a lonely, unpleasant journey. I can’t let you walk beside me – not this time. I harshly judge my own movements – at times twitching under the finger of random turmoil or an old, familiar pain. At times I see a man fighting for what he wants.

At times I see a man triumphant.

Then and only then I let you follow me. Behind the waterfall of illusion, beneath a layer of pretense, there is a place drowned in darkness. Light would only help to reveal your face. But I know who you are. And you now know who I am. Light serves no purpose here. You can surrender yourself to me.

I have seen it in you that you want to be conquered as much as you want to conquer me. A force of unimaginable longing, a desire to be desired, but also a wanting to twist my vision… so that it can only perceive you, and you alone. Those two forces draw you towards me in equal measure.

I have seen it in my own reflection.


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