My Writings

The Chariot

Who can stop me now, now that I no longer betray myself? There is a head on my body, dictating every move. No longer a wandering spirit, no longer a trembling mind, locked inside a skull, no longer a stranger to myself, I send emissaries to the distant lands of my being, rallying the troops for the war that is to come.

Their colourful banners fly proudly, carried and driven by the same wind. Their faces, foreign to each other, distant, each express the same fundamental truths. Men of all paths of life, in that very moment, standing still on a crossroads where all ways merge into one – and then, galloping into the future, where each will have to learn a unique lesson that is theirs and theirs alone.

Then, all, as if awoken by the blowing of a horn, following its call, drawn by its magnificent power, will move towards me, as I have summoned them.

Now, Lover, build us a bridge into the world of the senses – to feel alive, to equally give and take, to take part in the play of the Lord, and to love it. Shaman, teach us to see the Unseen, our thoughts – born into the lightness of the wind, flying above the raging waters of the river. My King, help us understand our own mortality, which births the need for decisive action, and let us be a beacon to those who are lost, to raise them up, so they can join us in the fight. My Warrior, give us the threat of violence if our peaceful world is threatened, and teach us to stand our ground.

You must reconcile your differences. You must understand each other’s predicaments, each other’s particular circumstances, the reasons for your emergence in my mind. You must realize that you were all born to serve the one Great Path.

You all have played a role in pulling my Chariot forward.

For that, I thank you. I will take care of your wellbeing, feeding each of you their own nectar.

In return, I expect your unflinching loyalty, your unwavering commitment.

Now, pull!


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