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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Declaration

Date of last change: 25.05.2018

This declaration is available form a permament link on the homepage of the site

1. What data is being collected?

The site DOES NOT COLLECT ANY DATA on its users. This includes data that is personally provided by the user or automatically captured by technologies such as cookies. The site does not use cookies or similar technologies. The site also does not allow for comments to be submitted and does not provide any method for the user to interact with the site owner and provide data in any way.

2. Marketing messages

The site does not send out a newsletter ot any other kind of tailored marketing messages

3. Links to other pages

There may be links to other pages or apps on the sites. If you follow these links, please be aware that every site has its own data protection policy. The site owner of has no control over these sites and does not bear any responsibility for their data protection practices.

4. Changes to the declaration

Changes to the declaration are possible inthe future, although highly unlikely. In the even that the declaration is changed, the change will be made public to the user, who will then have the option to accept or reject the changes.