My Writings

Not Yet, Not Anymore

A bird without a cage, to call home. A son of change, born of freedom, seeking bondage. Firm ground beneath my feet, a source of light – to only cast a shadow, to see that I exist. To only say, I breathe, therefore I am. And yet, I breathe. Therefore I Am not. Not truly. Not yet.

Hear, friend, my wrath has coiled up again, as have I. Back into a human skin, shivering, naked, hands grasping for another, eyes crying for another. Asking, wanting, lacking. The great confusion still bewilders me, belittles me, but not entirely. Not anymore.

A brief respite, a union of what is learned and what remains hidden. Make sound judgements, stand up, stand out, make a stand. Steps taken forward, do not fall down the steps, do not falter. Learn to be a human being, a little inhumane, a pinch of salt for the wounds – yours and theirs, it helps. Get used to it. Make a habit.

You see, I have covered myself in the stench of mediocrity, rocked in the reviled cradle of what they call normal. You too can catch the note of discord, if you only listen. The nature of the world is low.

Not yours.



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