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Obscured, hidden movement. Covered tracks, skill invested in survival, of mind and body. Went to war. Half my troops were strawmen, carried on spare horses, yet my enemy remained ignorant. Delusion was the order of the day.

I discovered a readiness within my being. To draw from the well of possibility, and test different theories. To explore multiple paths, and exclude the useless. Truly unpredictable, to know myself best. To understand my strength and weakness.

Invest most, in natural talents, cover your blindsides, by seeing farther, wider, grander.

Many Paths lead upward. One for each of us. Others lead astray, the ones we share. Humanity, collective lessons, readily available, in the fates of others. Look carefully, to not stare into the eyes of that end, tomorrow. No need for regret, if you never live to see your ugliest day.

Act now. Opportunities let go, willingly, to set straight the world, to get your house, in order.

Some truths need to be upheld, constantly.