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Love Letter – Part IV (A shoulder and an ear)

To think of life without you, He has not yet asked me, to be that strong. Grateful, for every moment, as illusory as it is. There is no time between us, there is no space. We occupy, a single point, we live, in a common present. We build, a future of our own. We make, our very own steps. We stare at a sunset, which is only ours. A night that remains young.

I judge the qualities of the lord, by what you do and say. I know that he has taken you to heart. I must have been chosen for a vessel, of His closeness. So you know me better than my enemy. It makes you a friend. A shoulder and an ear, provider of great comfort, and a beacon of power.

My truth would not be upheld, if my armies were not sheltered, by your gentle mountains, barriers for Northern winds.

Still you took me, to the end of the world, and I followed. The journey is inherent in your steps. Grateful to walk it, to stride along.

Not all those who wander are lost.


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