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Love Letter – Part II (Color and its absence)

I must have sought you out, through ravenous hunger, and deep longing. I must have seen, before the birth of eyes, the splendor you will bring. What is fundamentally mine, my tale, my voice, to come to me, naturally, to complete me.

To me you have given more than the world, in its total mass, of breathing souls. A singular point of blessing, an endless well, warm Summer rain, and the promise of fulfilment. Beautiful, outside and in, and in all directions, a sphere of light, whose center is You.

I will gladly give you, the fruits of my actions, the right ones, the good ones, the extraordinary, and the sweetest.

Color and its absence. Complementary opposites. A day needs a night. Hired your band, to raise my own voice, but now we sing, in unison. I did not expect, the greatest outcome, to be blessed this way.

I did not yet know, what I need. But you must have seen me lacking, for a particular kind of love.

And decided to embody it.


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