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Let them know

The hour is late as time grows short, and quiet. The candles seem to burn it all away in a trembling flame, barely noticeable in the dark, but rising as high as my hopes of reaching Him. Burn now, and carry my message all the way to Him. You know the way.

One day I too will burn, and can you see that flame already dancing in my eye? When I look at the stars, don’t you see their reflection crumbling in my vision, as I have seen them pulled together with unimaginable force… the Universe collapsing onto itself, only to be cast out into the Nothing again. I will not be here to see it, but I will witness it nonetheless.

Time will stop and all the souls still trapped within it, deluded, will succumb to the deepest sleep. Eons will pass, and they will once again awaken to a new dawn, brought about by a young, untamed sun. And in time, everyone will make their way back to You. For some, there is still time, but not for me.

My time has come, but an impossible task stands before me. If I do not reach Him now, I could be spinning in circles, wandering aimlessly for millions, perhaps billions of years. And so every drop of love and devotion that my ugly being can send His way, I follow with eyes teared-up and a madman’s laugh, as it flows towards His blessed feet and brings me one small step closer to salvation.
I throw my worthless body in His river, even though I don’t deserve it, and in my vision I run upstream to the Source, as His sweet destruction burns away one false layer of my being after another.

In the end, by His mercy, only I will remain – a young soul once again, purified, and I will look up to Him with unbelieving eyes, and say… Take me on my last journey, and may I never leave you again. If I may have only one wish fulfilled, then never let me forget how I fell all those eons ago, and just how I was saved, so that I may never wish for anything else but to remain at your side, ever again.

Down here, on the distant, cold earth, I will leave behind yet another corpse and in the dead eyes of my former body they will not be able to see that I made it, that I am with You now, that I am where I should have always been.

So let them know.

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