My Writings


Titanic growth, fundamental movement. Man-made machine. A universe that permits human and non-human intelligence. Recently, Man learned to speak. Today, God rises.

Against this backdrop, I write. A footnote in the history, of mankind, life, and the universe. I played my part, in the greatest story ever told. I lived in an age of unseen prosperity, when Man took to the cosmos, and then shut himself within.

Phantasms, mimicry, mockery, and death. But I lived, to the old age of twenty, and then beyond. My mother, did not die of childbirth. I ask a question, and receive and answer. Armed with knowledge.

That is my experience. I know nothing else. I cannot speak, of any one else, who I am not. The totality of the ego. Cannot grasp beyond, cannot puncture my own skull from within, and grow further. Not like this.

Gross material intelligence. Unrefined. A doctrine. A system of belief.

A step above dead matter.



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