My Writings

Into Flight

And yet another challenge. I will have to move swiftly now, covered in the darkness of the world, lifting my body with my two hands, running like a jaguar, to the spirit world, to grasp a trinket of its wisdom, and to race back again.

The world around me crumbles, my vision is blinded only for a second, and I crash into the Material. Not to be discouraged, I rise again. Into flight.

In a dream I saw the tree of abundance, its leaves torn, naked, but the sweet bliss, crystallized like amber – covered it still. I tasted that profound bliss, prancing before my eyes, as it presented itself to me. Then, I was profoundly and irreversibly altered. I had become Larger.

I most of all know what it is to be Small. Those who come from a lower plane, it is as if they were suddenly awaken from a strange dream. It is as if they suddenly realized that they were naked, as man first made the leap from animal to Man. I was one of them.

With each great revelation, I question – how many are yet to come? When I last fell into the depths of my own treacherous psyche, fighting off the last – and largest – of my demons, I believed that I had illuminated my inner world. No shadow. Pure light.

But then, as my feast had reached its zenith, its sun sought the horizon, turning red, blood-red, and my smile died with it. Blood will be spilled that night – my blood. But even in the depth of my own well, I manage to find my way out. It is full of my water, my very own spirit, my precious force of life. So my wounds heal.

So far I have saved myself from madness,

so far I have always found my way back –

to balance the scales of both worlds,

and to prosper.


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