My Writings

In the Eye of the Beholder

Artwork: Calypso Noximera

I wish that I could draw you in all of your Grandeur and Glory, but, alas, I was not blessed with such a gift. But another.

Hear me now. Hear me speak. Witness my ascent. See me become. See me consume all that I am not, see me flow into the crevices of the world, seeking to propagate myself to completion. See me expand beyond what you believed was possible. Feel my trembling feathers of fire, hear them whispering in the wind. He taught me to speak, so that I can praise you. He taught you to the meaning of words, so that you can receive the gifts He sends through me.

Now listen.

I love the strength of your face, it is the body of mercy, thinly veiled. Only the truly powerful can be merciful. And you are no stranger to power. I adore the calmness of your face, it conceals raw determination. It is a storm contained.

Your lips are rich. Only an outer layer, only a shadow cast by true wealth, and even then they are greater than all that I have seen. In them, there is nothing subtle to be discovered, nothing hidden. A declaration of bloodless war.

Your eyes are deep. Blue eyes are shallow water. Dark eyes are the void. But yours are the pool of pleasure where I was taken once He decided that I deserved it. A pool of gold and promises fulfilled. Later I found that I was swimming in my own tears.

Your hair is a crown, but gold serves no purpose there, nor jewels. Anything artificial and foreign would spoil the harmony. With all of your raw power you represent perfect balance. The more I learned about you, the less I knew. And so the secret of this balance remained just out of reach.

Your nose is a remnant of your origins. It reminds me of Him. Your neck is the valley that invites me to flow through you. I am the spring bursting from salt and rock and into your expanse.

I challenge you. Name one who can turn your poison into cure like I can.

Name one who can hold a mirror to your blessed face without burning, like I do.

I am the mirror.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder, but yours is not.

It is dominant. It is absolute. It is unquestionable.

And I am truly blessed to be your Beholder.

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