My Writings

Grey Wolf Speaks

Rome was not, built in a day. But the dream of it was. So was I.

Single blessing, carved in stone. Othala, heritage, ancestral home. In my heart, a place to belong.

Governor, of myself. Knight of the Rose Valley. Knight of low renown. Rose-ash, withered.

So I dreamt, of a hole in the ground, pyre of blight, a living shield – Mother Kali.

Ready to leave, to leave it all behind, father, you called. What do you want?

Man of small stature, kind, old man, powerful voice, message to be heard.

Why don’t you stay with us, why don’t you live with our people?

Grey Wolf speaks, he was a chieftain. So I must be.

Be careful now, take care of yourself.

There is only one of you, and me.

Precious resource.

Precious little.

My precious.


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