My Writings

Give me Yourself

I have finally sought you out. The time for heading back is over. Es ist vorbei. I am ready to face you. Mimicking your dance, I have acquired its power. I have come to see the world as you see it, I have felt your pain. Now, I am you. And I know what to do.

Your rhythm carries me in a rhythmic motion towards you. Predictable. Transparent. Now clear. So simple, elementary. But I could not see it. I admire your secrets. Uncovering them is the pleasure of it all.

Bite your tongue. I have painted it in honey. Stand naked, I created a sun to warm your skin. I have hidden my hands behind my back, but which one holds abundance? All of them. You may choose.

Make me prolific, make me… voluminous. Silver tongue, golden speech. Teach me the words. If not that, then teach me to recognize them, to tell them apart.

No, not that. Something else. No.

Enough with the games.

Stop deluding me with those trinkets.

And give me Yourself.


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