My Writings

Free Will

I will toil along my steed. The price of living is self-sacrifice. Why do I hesitate? To draw that upward sign on my forehead, war paint at a time of peace. To become nothing, to dissolve, an empty vessel.

In life, trust no one, and keep quiet. Comfort in reclusion. Cause and effect – a silent instinct, a towering mind. Free Will. I can think for myself.

If you receive no answer, ask better questions. Speak louder. A tapestry of scars, used as a shield. When far, appear near. Fear makes the wolf larger, as light lengthens a shadow. The Art of War, strife alone can teach it.

Wrongdoing. Not evil, but unfortunate. A karmic path must be walked to the end. Cannot throw yourself to safety, to your own death. Ship of fools, cannot jump ship. You asked for the journey.

Even paid for it.


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