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Yes, I will go alone, but the wind will keep me company. And the rain. Clothes clenched tightly, to welcome the storm. In the loudest screams, deaf silence. A moment to last a lifetime. The road starts at my doorstep, the vast expanse, the great journey. The hearth, too, is given for a reason. Wisdom, in the changing of the seasons.

Bearer of a handsome life, hear me. Revenge is delivered once, only to be found meaningless. So I know the High lord must think. As He acts, as my being is set straight, at the clearing of the mind, sweet ice, glistening, skin of frozen streams, and the coming spring, I rise to meet Him.

Yesterday is dead. For good reason. A birth in the family – the promise of today. In Spring rites, come celebrate – our breath is short, will not live long, so make love, and forget.