Father – Part III

Dedicated to him

Somehow, you make your way back, somehow you return, again. Unscathed, untouched by world and memory, axis mundi, a horizon. A boundary to be crossed, by my feet. A form, derived from yours. A story of lungs drawing breath, taken from you.

An extended tongue. You never thought, that it will be me, to spring from you. Fate, to take your world by storm, and build a better one. Commissioned, to show respect, to your person.

What does it mean to conquer mother, to be chosen, by the woman, who gave me birth. In a million lifetimes, I sired a child, had countless fathers.

But you are the last. Beyond rises, the great Lord, and His abode. Master showed the way. I made the leap, by my own strength, and the promise, inherent in us. Imbued me with strength, at my conception.

The Great Smoky Mountains, they know me all too well. I treaded their paths, in a life before this.

When I saw your promise, I decided, cannot miss my chance.

A carrier of voice has risen. From your being.

Ancient prophet, named after Him.

I am grateful, for what you gave.

Full dominion, over myself,

I established a life.


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