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Those who come near You, you grant the gift of striking fear in the heart. The paths of others break before them and they stand at the side, looking at your chosen. For me, you have taken down the veil. I know, when the Grace leaves a man, he becomes a tin-man, glowing weakly. Are we not beggars at his feet?

I cannot escape the vision of my rotten teeth and the smile that I hurl back at myself. That madman is me. Through a plot, ever thickening, I reach out to You. You gather Your men, but why? Our hearts tremble, the seed of exaltation quickens. The breath of all Creation around my neck, how did I deserve such an honor?

You. Are rapture.

There can be no rest for my mind now. Your voice is soothing only to the deaf. Instead, when I open my eyes with unimaginable ease, now, I see You. The cries of the ego fall on deaf ears, as I am carried upstream by Your ecstasy. You are a journey that I have undertaken countless times, but only now have I opened the door and left.

It is time for You to show me what lies at the end.

I have surpassed myself, but that was only the beginning. Then I surpassed myself again, but it was only the beginning. And I surpassed myself, but I found myself in the beginning of the beginning of the Beginning.

I have been looking in the wrong place, seeking the angles of a circle.

I now look Within.

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