My Writings

Ex Gratia

I do not deserve to be seen, by the eye which penetrates, in all directions. Moth to flame, amid an ocean of oil. Reality, torn asunder, broken, into infinite pieces. The rules of the world lifted, its threads – unwinding.

He shelters me from greater gifts, undeserved. Underneath my home, seismic shifts, the hot embrace of the Earth. Grand forces at play, fate beyond control, decisions, which are not mine to make.

The master said, we, as all particles of dust, are completely subjected to His will. That is why we will succeed, in the end.

To wake up, in Paradise. To remember all. To live as repayment for every gift, grateful, for what you have. And to live to see, the greatest possible future, in your day. Now. To know, that all other universes collapsed, because they were not kind to you. That is true for all of us, eventually.

Ex Gratia.


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