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To be purified by Disappointment. Of all great forces to rock the world of man, disappointment cuts down the false body of illusion most painfully. And yet, it is the mere separation from attachment. How terrible, to find that one has placed their hopes in the Fleeting. What a pity – they were only meant for the Lord.

All other foundations are weak and will eventually crumble. To place one’s trust entirely in the hands of a fallible human being – how predictably wrong. To claim land for one’s self, only to be buried there. To seek titles, to pursue name and fame – how fleeting, how childish. To desire to rule – a sickness of the soul. To concede power to gold, to pleasures, as unreal as words in the wind.

How strong must one be to sit down amidst the storm and obstinately feel disappointment consume their being. To learn its bitter lessons. To find that one’s being is built upon mistakes even more so than truths. To realize that one is mistaken, to recognize failure.

Instead of running, looking without for peace and strength that reside within. Unable to find a source, one’s rivers dry out, and so one feels compelled to suck away the waters of others, desperate to quench the thirst. But their oceans are heavy with salt, one learns.

No, Disappointment is a great teacher, and a trusted friend. One must welcome him home, opening the door, shocked at disappointment’s terrible face.

So, you have come again.

You have come again. Oh, why have you come?

Why do you always, always return?

I cannot believe that you have returned.

But, now that you have come, you cannot leave.

You are not welcome.

But do come in.

I want to hear what you have to say.


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