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My Writings

The Indifferent One

Artwork: One and Multiple VI by Bogdan Sassu Translation:from Bulgarian by Georgi Krastev A naked ruined mind sticks out of the street. I saw him arriving and Carrying papers signed and stamped. He wore a suit. He shone and burned as a torch does. A vein throbbed on his neck and another – on his […]

My Writings

The Wise Water

Untitled by Tea Velizarova

Artwork: Serenity by Tea Velizarova One gaze – spreading itself on the objects – my belonings, having tasted their peace – that was my gaze. Those relics, which I brought home to surround me, are the washed out faces of my travels. One look and the soul twists to welcome the calm water for the […]

My Writings

The Face

Portrain No 1 by Bogdan Sassu

Artwork: Portrait No 1 by Bogdan Sassu The face is covered in small suns, relaxed. In the hills and valleys of this mask of flesh lie truths, unasked for. On the sides – dried out mud, dust, and thorny beard. In the eyes – Nothing. The face twists slowly, lays on one side. Its gaze […]