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The Death of the World

Artwork: Jonathan Grösel Translation: Georgi Krastev I felt the World end, swept by the wind, in a narrow, narrow moment under an indifferent sky. I saw myself there too – forfeited, grown-up, but fallen – next to a man. The Compassionate, the Suffering, the Dry Hand – stretched to bestow blessing – the blessing drank […]

My Writings

Nightmares: Part I

Artwork: Ignat Komitov I found myself lost in the arms of this street, whose name I did not remember. *** I received him as an old friend, but young. Music found its way into the ears, but in front of this background the faces of appetite became ever more visible – grunting beneath the skin […]

My Writings

The Horned One

Artwork by: Bogdan Sassu The mass near the road moved, moaned and spewed its offspring into the cold. The Horned One awoke, groaned and cried lamentingly. He had dragged his body painfully through the cold with an invisible rope when I found him numb and ruined – lying on the crude ground near the road. […]

My Writings

The Hidden One

Artwork: Teah Velizarova Translation: Georgi Krastev There is a place where ecstasy pours out onto itself, into rivers of gold into the throat of the Seer. I carry this place within, as I do my memories. I went through Hell, unmet by enemies, whom I could name, instead I encountered a quiet weathering. The lips […]

My Writings

The Blissful One

Artwork: Diana Temelkova Translation: Georgi Krastev In principium, when I desired you – it was a warm, childish want, unconscious. I did not know yet, that your thirst is as is mine, that your eyes see as do I. I dropped my skin, painfully, sufferingly, in one soulful eruption. You remember my weakness, my imperfection. […]

My Writings

The Indifferent One

Artwork: One and Multiple VI by Bogdan Sassu Translation:from Bulgarian by Georgi Krastev A naked ruined mind sticks out of the street. I saw him arriving and Carrying papers signed and stamped. He wore a suit. He shone and burned as a torch does. A vein throbbed on his neck and another – on his […]

My Writings

The Wise Water

Untitled by Tea Velizarova

Artwork: Serenity by Tea Velizarova One gaze – spreading itself on the objects – my belonings, having tasted their peace – that was my gaze. Those relics, which I brought home to surround me, are the washed out faces of my travels. One look and the soul twists to welcome the calm water for the […]

My Writings

The Face

Portrain No 1 by Bogdan Sassu

Artwork: Portrait No 1 by Bogdan Sassu The face is covered in small suns, relaxed. In the hills and valleys of this mask of flesh lie truths, unasked for. On the sides – dried out mud, dust, and thorny beard. In the eyes – Nothing. The face twists slowly, lays on one side. Its gaze […]