Dear reader,

I am Zacharya and this is my story in the writing.

I have been writing for years, although I never published a single page. Until now.

My journey took me from science fiction experiments to short stories until I finally settled on the miniature form, from which I cannot “escape” to this day.

My writings can be described as outbursts of energy and an exercise in capturing the essence of an emotion.┬áThere are no characters. There is no plot. There is only a search – for answers, as you – the reader – see yourself morph into different entities as you read.

My teacher used to say that my works are dark and sinister not because that was who I am but because I was looking for answers outside of who (or what) I am. He also used to say that some forces appear horrific simply because they are non-human and are thus alien to us.

If I have to summarize my works in a word, I would call them human. Beyond anything, it is human to search, it is human to doubt, it is human to be lost.

I welcome you to my world.

Yours truly,