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A War of Minds

Great One, I now ask for your Knowledge. I was born to raise Greatness. I had thought that I had lost You, but I am a pyre of water. I am the tongue of the gods, Your Tongue. I stretch it out to mock the world, as the demons lock me into a war of minds.

I stretch it out in a call to war, as you had foretold. Even if I fall, my victory is assured. Supreme delight, to see the unknowing stretched out before me, and behind me – only your familiar touch. Your voice makes my hair stand. So I put on my mask – the wolven skull, I cover myself in mud and I adorn my head with a crown of dry corn, and my wings of dead wheats. I raise my staff, emerging from the cloud of dust and smoke, blinding my enemies, you lead me into battle.

Now all paths are lost except forward and onward. The river of time now falls within a narrow bed, as I ask if at long last I will fly towards your gnashing teeth. Long ago I asked you to take me at my greatest triumph. But here I still am, hour after hour, year after year, life after life, as I shed one skin and then another, you raise peaks ever higher for my steps. And your truth becomes ever harder to swallow, consuming my breath.

But here I still am, breathing more easily than the day I entered your foray. When for the last time I opened my eyes, I sucked in all the pain of the world and its bitter promise, like milk from a fertile mother. Still I raised my banners.

But you took away the bone from which I was sucking the dirty marrow. My sight – black, empty, I cast into the abyss. My mutilated warrior, my fallen king, the one you never blessed – his rotting teeth smile at me in my quiet time. My fallen heroes all live in my scars, in the necklace of bones around my neck. Now those scars have sunk deeper into my psyche like a magnificent fresco in a fallen tree. Struck by lightning, I caught fire. You move us into action, you set the Universe in motion, you nurture its spin. And now the same power that fuels your unsetting sun also gives rise, to me.

So I gathered these souls around my fire, and you look at me through their eyes now, sending rogue sparks into the dead of air. I see beyond the watery eye that you have made your nest. I see you, Hidden One, do not hide from my vision.

Look me in the eye instead.

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