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What stands before me is the realization of the individual and its establishment in the world. The end of a cycle, a path that circles back to the doorstep. The promise of Life in its full expression, not a single note in discord. The axes of the world, horizontally and vertically stable, built on sacrifice, and reinforced by understanding.

The dissipation of illusion. I never truly left my singular point, I never truly moved, in space or time. I still drink from the same Source, my being is fixed, in the Origin. I and the Lord occupy the same place, but one knows, the other knows not.

The delusion of movement is inherent in the Journey. In a dream, the impossible is real. There are truths to be gleaned from its imagery. Puzzling scenes, speech in riddles, but a dream is a statement of Fact. I close my eyes to see my true face.

A significant tale, to enumerate the boons of self-discovery. A conquered summit is a given symbol. I need not say more.

I do not need to believe.

I know.