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By Zacharya


Collection of Prose Poetry

A collection of miniatures, prose poetry and short stories, written as the outcome of an introspective journey and reflecting on personal experiences, in the hope that they will be useful and insightful to fellow Seekers, building on our shared humanity.

Written in the span of a decade, the first instalment of the Revelations trilogy tells a coming-of-age story, the beginning of a heroic journey towards self-realization, a first battle in the war against one’s own shadow, and a voyage through the treacherous waters of life.

It is the wish of the author that, purposefully ambiguous, the current work will resonate with you, dear Reader, to help you strengthen your own voice.

By Zacharya



Collection of Prose Poetry

Written in the span of half a year, the sequel to Revelations, Revelations – Part II, serves as a second act in the overarching story of self-discovery, though a self-contained journey in itself, exploring new dark and personal depths, where one is at their most vulnerable, and the abundant boons that spring from conquering such challenges.

To explore previously unknown aspects of one’s own shadow and the limits of one’s own resilience, the author of the current work asks, is there a more meaningful pursuit?

By Zacharya



Collection of Prose Poetry

Written in only three months, the third and final instalment of the Revelations trilogy, Revelations – Part III is a personal story of homecoming, which concludes the journey of the Seeker in the material, as well as in the spiritual world, and enumerates the boons attained upon reaching the end of the cycle.

Having gained clarity and calm, having conquered the Summit, one is left to admire the view and reflect upon the journey.

about the Author


Zachary Valtschanoff (1992) (pseudonym: Zacharya) was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Bulgarian immigrant parents. He grew up in Bulgaria where he lives today. He graduated from the University of Vienna (Austria) with a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and from Lancaster University (United Kingdom) with a Master’s degree in Operations Research & Management Science, for which he received a distinction. He co-founded and is currently a partner in a management consulting and marketing agency.

His first book “Revelations” was published in 2020, followed by its sequels – “Revelations – Part II” (2021) and “Revelations – Part III” (2021), which represent a trilogy of miniatures, prose poetry and short stories.