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Whisper To Me

Whisper to me now. I want to know Your truth. I want to hear my own silence, and I want to taste Your reason. I love You in ways I cannot express. I see You in ways unknown to Man.  You are infinite to me.

One day, I will reject lower consciousness as I will be able to appreciate Your higher gifts. Not today. Today, I am Small. Today, I am only just beginning. To seek. And to find.

Ah, to seek. The pleasure of the path walked slowly. The exaltation of a life well-lived. The breathing in and out, in the absence of cold calculus, as if – coming from the heart. Purifying it. Making it beat again. Making it live again.

Ah, to find. To hold in your arms your fondest dream, to caress it. To hold it close to your heart and to be fulfilled. Bring me Your fulfilment, give me Your calm, give me Your peace. Give me what I Want, and God, don’t I want so terribly, so profoundly?

You are Satiation.

You are the absence of Want.

You are the Peace and the Nothing.

The Void and the flickering Light within.

You are the terrible Darkness and Warmth of day.

You are endless Song and Silence.

Of Your kind, there is only One.

Only You know all.

So let me know.

Whisper to me.


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