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No longer aware of day and night, no longer following the seasons, the wheel of the world fell from its great axis and rolled down the hills. Waking up, falling asleep – meaningless. Somehow awake, but not truly, someone who acts in the world but without a thread to bind step to step. Silence fills the air, hanging heavily, as if threatening with rain, and landfall.

In that lacklustre play, the characters are portrayed by characters, who are themselves characters of their own, and Everyone is acting. Propelled forward by an invisible force, running in circles without ever doubting their direction, the crux of it all dangerously out of reach for hands that claim to grasp reality.

The skies are empty, men fly no more. It has been a while since I looked up to see, not a ceiling, but the Void, with all the glistening pearls in its crown, dancing to the tune of my eyes. It has been a while. Now, strangely, you see me hacking at a stick with my knife. Easily entertained, I sit for hours. There is nowhere to go, no need to do anything, at this time.

I look at my hands. I rub my fingers against each other, I sense their presence. I hear the absence of music – where are you, friend, why is your instrument silent, untouched for an eternity? Great speaker, do you have nothing to say? What more value can I squeeze from any of you, I ask. Silence is the answer.

And then I remember. How did I forget, my trusted friend, you, who were etched into my mind, carved like a rune in yew bark? Your name, the pathfinder, Vegvisir, springs into mind. Show me the way, friend – I need only make a single step, to set the wolf of my life loose.

But then what?


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My Writings


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My Writings

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