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Dedicated to: Robert Goforth

He killed all the sounds of the world and the entire noise, so that I can hear Him most clearly – him and only Him. In this room, in this enclosed moment I spent many hours, but I feel richer.

I remained completely still – for a long time, yet I feel younger. My days poured into a narrow mold, into a shadow, a handful, and hid like a mouse – into a small existence. But I felt larger than life and its vast expanse. If you had waved your hands, asking, have I seen that great, cosmic work, I would remain silent and return to mine, significant in its own way.

I left my body. I lay like this for eternity. In the far reaches of my senses, that part of me, which had pledged itself to the Material, I felt my skin exactly in place. Not stretched thin by vanity, nor loose, ugly. For a moment I was perfect, shaped in His image.

I am closer to Man – in his liveliest, youngest form. In this incarnation he is strong, playful and full of life. I am here to find myself. This young, beautiful Me, this reborn, true human creature, that is Me.

My lungs I fill with smoke and yet, they were never so gently wet and alive. They gathered air so I can sing, and although there is no one to sing to, I sing – out of love.

Every one of us is born to sing, but some cough out their words too soon.

All of that I owe to Him, but I have never felt so free from the weight of debt.