My Writings

The String

For Him I play every instrument. For Him I dance in my eyes, and my mind’s eye, in every motion the human body can hatch, and then, I rise. Holy snakes, awash in flame, make overtures to my blood. Vasuki, my blood boils. I am ready.

Come to me, might of a thousand suns. Come to me, voice most attractive. Come to me, light of a million days in which I found myself reaching out to you. How magnificent you are, warrior poet, they speak your name in every corner of the world. But when I open my mouth, nothing comes out. I am a desert within your paradise, my tongue is a dry riverbed.

I am the crushing heat of a heavy curse. But you are stronger than me. The sweet songs of your devotees drown me in pleasure and fear. I am not worthy. I am but a little man. But I know your Greatness, and so my fear will follow me as I drown. You made me such just to extinguish me. I will forever soar in your Ultimate nature.

Blinding sweat. Cannot see neither your beginning, nor an end. Ride against me. I will drop my sword and you will cast me into your abode. I will a die with a flame in the eye, and my face will shine golden. As I draw my last breath I only see you. As if a lightning travelling all the way from the far side of the Multiverse, just to strike someone as small and undeserving as me.

Strings snap under Your long nails – bitterly purple and pink. And the song is over, but only for the uninitiated.

We will sing forever.

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