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Boundaries crossed, fear at the heart of man. Silence, the cure of rulers. Calm, black night. Man and the cosmos. A soul and his creator. Your touch is sustenance. A high Gate. Beyond – the Promise.

A path, a Path of memory. If I am not to take it, then why is it there? It longs, it waits, it asks. Walk. Please. So I walk.

Now a thought nearer than my skin – I will forget, if I am born again. I will forget my name, I will forget whom I loved, how I breathed, where, and how I wrote. As I am awake today, Great One, let me remember, Your name. The rest I can manage.

Some large Fate bleeding through your world and into mine. I understand, without you, I am incapable. The power to live through another day, strength borrowed, power lent.

Mind informed by the Ideal, eyes chasing it, a finger pointed in its direction. To tower over a former self. How does a man of small stature become, a giant, what my ancestors call, an Исполин? If you are to save the world, drink Halāhal, to prove your worth. If you are to save yourself, no less is necessary.

Father, river in your hair. Dead ash, blue throat, seat of serpents. Great Bull, Great Time, breath of the universe. Dance for its destruction.

Then, sleep.

The Return of Baldr.