My Writings

The Music

I will tell you what I am. I am Beethoven in the river – deaf in the freezing water. But if you have ever come near me, you know that I hear the Music.

Mirroring Your movements, I dance. Now, see me dance. Hear me sing.

The atoms of your universe, so tightly knit together, reverberate with Your laughter. Time grows short for the breathing man, time grows Large for the Breathless, the Breath of the Universe.


Breathe in.

Lose your breath.

Crouch in front of the silent lake, see yourself in the water. Seek your soul. Perhaps you may even see it rise to the surface, birthing soft waves. Then you will hear a voice calling you from a higher plane, a voice as thin as the wind, subtle, yet vibrant, rich, golden, white-hot.

The body of Man, his mind, his place in the world, the purpose and significance of every life ever lived. The threads, intertwined, like rivers flowing into each other, like lovers merging. All is being revealed.

Lost in Being, I have found a new home – the everlasting Now, infinitely expanding in all directions. Eventually, I will grasp what I have been looking for all along.

Now, I foretaste it.


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