My Writings

The Master

Dedicated to him

You have a Name, but I know you as the Master, le Maître, der Anführer. Your presence resonates, like a metal plate, with his High command. An example and a fortress, I derived favor, and took benefit, from your instruction.

Man of acquired wealth, dressed for the occasion, a seeker, of valuable pursuits, a mind, like no other. I imitate and mimic, people are riddles to be solved. You said, and I quote, I thought long and hard. I know, you have considered the necessary, and rejected the false.

I believed to be prepared for a discourse with you. But, truly unpredictable, you said, по същество, in its essence, the information you have given, is no better than its absence. Back to the drawing board, to learn, and to prosper.

Heart attacks on the Jaladutta, they were not enough, to deprive me of high knowledge. My Sampradaya begins with the High lord, Abhay Charan De, and Yourself.

Precious Promise of liberation. I myself pledge, to carry that torch, beyond today.

Your image is rock unbreakable.

As is your name.


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