My Writings

The Inheritance

Artwork: Antonia Avramova

I saw your highest form and it was one of perfection and completeness. Unplagued by angst and all other demons nesting in your mind.

In truth, it is a terrible legacy that we inherited and fear has always been the price of a mind ripe with vivid imagination and power. I see you – a blazing chariot dragging a lifeless log through a path untraveled, and dangerous. I wish that I could break your chains, but it appears that such a power ultimately resides in you and you alone.

We were born to struggle, but, I believe – to greatness as well. It sleeps behind your eyes, thickening, hidden, but it is evident to me. I embrace you in my mind – your ultimate self – and I see wonder flowing back into the world. The others – they will see the shadows cast by your gift, but none will understand.

One day you will rise and walk on the path – upward, and forward – slowly at first, galloping by the end – a march towards freedom, towards fulfillment – a march that I have seen in the timeline.

Sleep now.

Your time will come.

In time.

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