My Writings

The Darkness

I looked at myself. Within I found a familiar, old friend, ever young. It was as if I was seeing him for the first time and we had never met. In the absence of light, I was calm. Not a sun shone in my mind, but vast and empty space – and I, one with the Darkness.


Great exaltation and the cry of new Life.

Now I am become Death. Now I am become the stripping of the false skin, the shutting of the unworthy eye, the rejection of falsehood. The power of the Great Lord overwhelms me, and His great banner is raised, in the wind of Great time, it sways. How close we were and how close we will be. What exalted heights await me.

From the depth of the Great Mother, the serpent rises upwards, trembling. In the end it reaches the distant horizons of His world. His keen sight penetrates all, meeting my eye in the center.

All disappears.

Then – Eternity.

Then – a Time even Greater, Magnificent, Eternal, Infinite.

My mind flickers as a breathing light. The gasp of the animated soul.

Still, a piece of the Infinite is retained, I carry it with me.

A beating heart once again. The body of man. Earth.

I have returned.


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