My Writings

The All-Attractive

Artwork: Antonia Avramova

He is Everything to me. The All-attractive. I am fully consumed by His presence. I see Him in the pouring rain with some distance between us, but I can feel every drop of water, its journey down His radiant skin, its departure from His perfect body – blessedly falling into the ground, dancing on leaves, and fruit.

I indulge in His smiling eyes, but my mind can only hold Him for so long. As He disappears into the nothing, I know that it is not He who is gone, but that I am weak. He did not reject my desire to become who I wanted to be. If am anything, anyone, it is because I channel His infinite strength. If I only attract what is sweetest in this barren wasteland of a world, it is because I am slowly, under His guidance, becoming more like Him.

That is not an achievement of mine. I was blessed. I do not deserve His Love, but He embraces me regardless.

One day, having outgrown myself, having changed my skin countless times – then, perhaps

I will even hear His voice.

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