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Speak for Yourself

You have trembled in the cold for too long, you have forgotten the warm nights of Summer. Those nights, radiating sweet, hot darkness, ease on the mind, they are my mother. Hold my face in that moment. We are souls at play. That is our leela.

From that quivering body of bliss I emerged, as flawed as I am, a dignified human being, a child of the great Lord, only bright enough to act in its best interest, somehow stumbling upon undeserved blessings, and yet entitled to love, its birth right. I believe that truth to be self-evident.

I am grateful for you, the fool that I am, I tried to shelter myself from you. Difficult to live up to your ideal, I would rather render myself unconscious, dangling trinkets in front of my crazy stare, calm down now, calm down. No need to reach for the fruit, there is no fruit, forget it. Burning truth – ah, but there is! I have seen it!

Speak to me in simple words. Are you here or there – that is what I need to know. Everywhere? But, my lord, sire, that is impossible. No man can be in all places at once. We are limited, frail and small.

Speak for yourself.


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