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Remember Me

Artwork: Antonia Avramova

I channeled His vision for my future and it was one of infinite Love. I breathed in gratitude and humility, and a realization of how blessed I truly was embraced me, and a wealth of other emotions made themselves known to me in a moment of truth. But they all paled in the face of His Brilliance. His Presence towered over my mind and its limited understanding of perfection. All the colors of the world seemed dull, and uninspired, elementary – for they all simultaneously danced in His eyes and each complemented the other, instead of slowly, ungracefully decaying in a material body.

I drank from His spring, and all notion of thirst disappeared, the agony of hunger became a fleeting memory. I knelt before His Magnificence, and I felt empowered. The thunder of a thousand mares galloping was dwarfed by the unheard, unspoken grace of His silent steps when He approached me. He looked me in the eyes without looking down, as if we were equals, and the understanding that I did not deserve such a Gift took refuge in my mind. I could not help but smile, compelled by His beauty.

We did not speak, but our dialogue was rich, and intimate. He laid His hand on my head – light as a feather, mightier than the Universe. I accepted His Blessing, as if it were possible to refuse. It was He who decided that I was worthy of empathy and who gave me a mandate to live, and wear His colors.

Then he gave me a name.

Remember me, He said.

And, so I did.

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